Best of 2014: Pick 2

All Pigs Must Die: God is War (Southern Lord, 2011).

I’m not sure how long this record has been on my listening list, but my streaming store says it was released in 2011 so I guess it’s been a while. These guys are in an interesting genre neighborhood sporting some aspects of a metal band while showing a completely fuck off hardcore punk mentality with some tinges of heavy rock.

I originally had this record as an honorable mention — I think it’s because it’s a very non-glamorous heavy music record — there surely is no metal shredding to be had here.  It’s just a tight ass band working like a boxer — focused on beating down the listener.

With song titles like ‘Death Dealer’, ‘God is War’, and ‘Extinction is Ours’ there’s a larger concern here.  We’re not talking about adolescent alienation and self-hate, we’re talking more about the horrible shit that humans do to themselves and others.

Excellent musicianship at every spot in the band with a special shout to the dirty dirty punk bass sound that propels the band from underneath.  The record sounds great and it just delivers a genuine and necessary wallop.

Check it out.


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