2013 Honorable Mention Pick 21

Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood: Black Pudding (Ipecac, 2013)

The combination of Garwood’s ornamental/tricked out guitar playing provides a shiny contrast to Lanegan’s super Marlboro/at death’s door death blues voice.

A simple, demo-track drum machine beat would appear to be an odd musical element on one of the standout track, but Mescalito has the right balance of simple rhythm and melody to really drop that miserable down and out hammer on the listener’s head.

Other instruments make duo appearances with Lanegan but the dark mood remains — Last Rung with some really striking piano work, an accordion on another song, the middle section of this record (Songs 4-7) really pushes pretty hard.

I didn’t really dig the dark funk of Cold Molly — it really took me out of the vibe the duo had created so successfully.  Maybe that track won’t grate on you as it did for me and this will be a best of recording for a lot of you out there.

The middle of the record is top shelf and there is way above average stuff towards the beginning and end of the record.  Check it out.

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