Honorable Mention 2013 Pick 20

Ethernet: Opus 2 (Kranky, 2013)

My perception of electronica is that is that if it wants to be popular it either goes faux high minded/New Age or lowbrow/booty-club music.

That is mostly avoided here as Opus 2 is primarily ambient in nature.  Slow moving, which is not good for a nation of short attention span monkeys, but it’s more engaging as you have to engage with the music to hear the changes that are in the music.

The second tune, Correction, is sparse and lovely with a minimalist pulse and a tasteful cloud of synthesizers rolling through the tune — some dark and ominous, some not.  So it’s true ambient music, neither New Age or booty focused.

I’m making this an honorable mention instead of a best pick because the first tune has a bit of New Age to it, and is not indicative of the rest of the album which is without the melodic blurps of the first track.  I don’t like when the first track panders and misdirects the listener.  Other than that small criticism, it’s my blog — I think it’s a really strong album folks should check out.

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