2013 Honorable Mention Pick 14

Afrolicious: California Dreamin (Afrolicious Music, 2013)

Great opening/title track, funky as fuck.  A solid blend of Sly Stone/disco/Afrobeat big beat record.  Lots of four on the floor kick drum, lots of disco bass lines, and concious quasi-Afrobeat vocal stylings.  I also appreciated the reggae/dub influences on track 7 Foolin’.  In addition, the vocalist works sounds in turn Afrobeat/reggae-licous — a bit like that dude from back in the day Eddie Grant.

The band is like a freight train with no weak players in the bunch.

I think the title track California Dreamin’ is just explosive and the rest of the recording is just a bit less in terms of songwriting/arranging.  If they had hit them all like the title track this record would have easily made it to the best of 2013 list, but it’s still a tremendously hot live band, pumpin’ recording.

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