Honorable Mention 2013 Pick 8

Hollis Brown: Ride on the Train (Alive Naturalsound, 2013)

This is a very above average American rock/blue eyed soul record with influences including Credence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, and the Eagles.    The record sports a great drummer and a great drum sound, and as every hardcore music fan will tell you if you’re drummer ain’t something you ain’t goin anywhere.

The singer is nasal in a few places, but overall his singing is endearing.  The guitar playing is strong, not quite at the level of the drummer, but that’s just me.  I’ve clipped a couple of track from the record here, with the ballad ‘If it ain’t me’ at the top as it’s my favorite track on the record.  I think the record gets better as it goes along and I like tracks 7 and 8 the best.

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