Active Music Listening Wednesday June 27, 2012

YTD recordings listened to: 382
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 210
Not good music:158
Buys: 13 (not all 2012 releases)
Possibles: Glenn Hansard, Ebo Taylor, Sigur Ros, Le Super Borgou De Parakou

@@@ Linkin Park: Living Things.  I’ve always thought this was an emotionally overwrought straing of corporate metal/hip hop/arena rock, so clearly I’m not starting from a good place.  Firing up the first track we see a nice slab of synthesizer followed by the low self-esteem simulatneous rising up rapping style of the two head dudes whose names I do not know.  On the fourth tune Lies Greed Misery you actually get a nice simple groove with some decent flow over it, but when the other cat comes in on the chorus with the screaming nonsense I just tune out.  I don’t like the formula.

@@@ Zongo Junction: Thieves! (Self-released, 2010)  I found this record from a concert series email from Philly called RipRig.  This is Brooklyn afrobeat taken at a slighlty slower tempo.  I really liked the fourth tune ‘Madoff Made off’ — the dueling horn solos are beautiful.  Check it out.


@@@ Reed’s Bass Drum (Self-released, 2010).  Jazz that is neither striaght nor free, similar to Mark Turner’s outfit Fly but with a baritone sax instead of tenor.  I like how they’re connected to each other and there’s a looseness to what they’re doing that I dig.  The third tune, Changes, is pretty happenin and you can find the record on Spotify. or over here at, gasp, MySpace.

@@@ Jack Wright: Open Wide (2011).  :Looks like this was recorded in 2011 and put up on the digital stores last year.  It’s further out on the jazz branch.  The drums are reverbed out, but not washed out or faded and I like drummer Dan Breen’s player.  The other players, Wright on alto, and John Dierker on bass clarinet and tenor ebb and flow through the 20-minute opener and the next three 10-15 minute pieces.  The horn playing is bird like and interesting.  I don’t have any clips or place to send you, this appears to be quite underground — it is on Spotify if you would like to check it out.

I found a live clip:


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