New music listening Monday March 26, 2012

Checkin’ out some music from CFUV’s weekly email.

@@@ Lee Fields: Truthful Man.  More emotive than James Brown.  Am I crazy to want some new soul that isn’t so close to the old soul?  There is one interesting section where there are some catchy more modern background vocals, but it’s so authentic I can’t make it through the whole tune.  Maybe something’s wrong with me.

@@@ Nneka: Soul is Heavy.  A little dubbed out, a little rocked out in the chorus, and a lot of female flow on the mic over thick drums.  I prefer Michael Franti’s Yell Fire.  It’s not the same exact formula, but it’s not far off.

@@@ Lee Ranaldo: Between the Time and Tides.  I thought Sonic Youth had its moments (Daydream Nation) but a bit hyped and lacking in songwriting, or uninterested in songs whichever.  This is more tuneful — I like his voice.  I wish the production was a little more stripped down, but I like this more than I thought I would.

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