New music listening Thursday March 22, 2012

@@@ You can hear Joe Walsh‘s new single over here at Rolling Stone.

@@@ Pushing my luck with the Amber Waves of Twang under-appreciated list here.

They have Hotel Lights and this tune on their list.  More Byrds like pop than the country/roots bands they’ve had up there up to this point.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but this sound is pretty popular.

@@@  Over here at Burning Ambulance you can read about Rhode Island trio Pilgrim and their debut Misery Wizard (Metal Blade).  There are some pretty trippy abstract vocals around 2:45 so make sure you don’t miss those.

@@@  Quick Before it Melts has a post up about Little Girls over here with this video.  I don’t like this emerging branch of the indie music tree.

@@@ I always dig how much self-released music Olive Music reviews.  They have a post up over here about Othreim and you can check out their mathy, proggy, nerd metal down below.

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