New Music listening Wednesday March 21, 2012

@@@ Back on the Amber Waves of Twang underappreciated records of 2011 which you can find here.

@@@ The Barr Brothers: Self-titled. I would call this orchestral folk roots music.  Good production, singer has a strong voice.  I think a lot of folks could get into this music.

@@@ Mark W. Lennon: Home of the Wheel (Vagabond Tune).  A more ragged voice and a more country feel.  More good playing, people who dig the roots music should check both of these records out.

@@@ Esperanza Spaulding: Radio Music Society.  I would call ths an album of jazz fusion songs — smooth and unchallenging to listen to.  She’s worked really hard on her vocals though her songs sound a little awkward to my ear.  It’s an intricate album, but sterile sounding.  More of a showcase than a heartfelt expression.  I will fully admit that I find the Esperanza Spaulding marketing show to be extremely annoying and it prejudices me against her music, but if it works for folks, have at it.

Read the AllMusic email blurb below and tell me this album isn’t aimed at non hardcore music listeners to make them feel smarter for buying this record:

Esperanza Spalding’s fourth album, Radio Music Society (a companion piece to Chamber Music Society in name only) is one of enormous ambitionpolished production, sophisticated, busy charts, and classy songwriting — that consciously juxtaposes neo-soul and adult-oriented jazz-tinged pop. It employs a stellar cast, largely of jazz musicians, to pull it off.

@@@ Anti-Flag: The General Strike.  (Side One Dummy).  A revved up California Orange County punk/rock fhybrid.  Solid, but I’ve heard this formula too many times to get excited.

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