Music links 1/04/2012

Mainstream top 10 list over at Slate.  Part of the article discusses whether Adele is boring or not.  I enjoy her boring-ness, it’s nice to get a break from pornographic pop stars.  Unfortunately her album 21 is a classic music business example of using a great single to sell a whole album.  It’s not like the whole record burns the way the single does.

The Necks’ new record was one of the records of the week at Aquarius in San Fran.  It’s billed as super-hypnotic minimalist jazz, which I like.  I can’t find the record on Spotify, but I found a 28-minute piece on a compilation called ‘Transparent Roads’.  It’s not very hypnotic to me, it’s more like a warm glass of milk with cinnamon and vanilla.  If you want some spacious deep shit please feel free to check out Bill Dixon’s music.  Unbelievable music.  You can read his bio here.

Check out Vade Mecum Vol. II (Soul Note, 1996).  I wouldn’t let the Necks clean his trumpet.

I don’t know how many people are surfing the music blogosphere across genres, but there is just an unbelievable number of inactive/dead music blogs floating around the internet.  Kind of like that giant garbage island floating in the Pacific Ocean.  This might make one wonder if the music blogosphere is a wise/functional way to get the word out about music.

Check out this late December song of the day at Slowcoustic.  Solid shit.

Burning Ambulance has a review of Greg Ward’s Phonic Juggernaut out on Thirsty Ear and has it as one of his favorite releases of the year.  You can read the review and then peep the music on Spotify, which is rare as an awful lot of avant/free jazz is not available on Spotify.  I liked what I heard, but I find myself listening more to the drummer than the sax player.  In addition the drums were super high in the mix which is rare and deserves a public hells yeah.

Invisible Oranges has a 2011 write up of the year in black metal.  I didn’t get a chance to listen to any of the bands written about.  Hope to get to that tomorrow.



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